dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Tribute to Shirley Temple!

One of my dearest inspirations and a true DOLLY icon has sadly passed away today at the age of 85. So much character and style at such a young age is remarkable and she's one of a kind. I loved her clothing and spirit since  I was a young girl. Lots of my designs in the DOLLY collection are inspired from what she wore....after all she was known to look like a Doll and therefore a real DOLLY.
As you probably know a couple of years ago I named one of our pink pettiskirts after her.
Our Shirley temple Pettiskirt in baby pink is available this week with €8,50 discount >
Use code LOVESHIRLEY during check out.  ( Expires Feb. 18, 2014)  click here

View Oh! My Goodness below, where Shirley Temple sings to her DOLLY's
( remember and imagine this was 80 years ago)

     Shirley with a stylish dog    .....where have I seen another Dachshund ( try our homepage :-)

Love you forever because you are timeless!
regards Anne-Marie
designer of DOLLY

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